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Transfer Raspbian from NOOBS partition to regular SD Card

Der nachfolgende Blogbeitrag ist rein englischsprachig … und sehr nerdig. — The following blog post describes how to transfer a living Raspbian (a/k/a Debian on a Raspberry Pi) that was installed via NOOBS, freeing it from the abstruse NOOBS partition scheme and then store it on a regular SD card with just a boot and a root partition.

The proposed method is extremely useful if you want to grow or shrink your Raspbian OS to a bigger or smaller SD card, or if you just want to backup your Raspi and not end up with a disk image that is sized like the entire SD card, even it was only half full. All three of these scenarios can usually be tackled e.g. with ApplePi-Baker v2, but it fails if your starting point was NOOBS. … As I googled for a HowTo like this and couldn’t find anything, I figured that other people might find this worth reading as well.

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