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Defrosting WinXP WPA „non-issues“

Sorry – heute mal auf englisch.

So – the other day I defrosted a Windows XP SP2 installation from an image that has been in statis for about 4 years. It was restored to the exact same computer, namely (hold tight!) a Bootcamp partition on my trusty old MacBook.
Which is actually easier said than done when there’s not only one main OSX partition on that Mac, but actually four (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion). I’ll document this endeavor in another blog some day, unraveling the false myth that the Bootcamp assistant is the only way to create a partition suitable to hold a Windows XP installation … and what else can go wrong while trying.

Anyhoo – of course I have a fully legitimate XP license for that Bootcamp XP. Or, better said: I had. After I had lost interest in Bootcamp in 2007, I vividly remember that I re-used that particular license code on some totally different XP box, namely on my VMware Fusion XP-VM that I am still using on occasion. So – that XP license code is taken, the corresponding XP installation is activated, end of story.

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