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Kindle Fire: Keyboard Layouts – SOLVED!

Again in English – a short German version can be found below.

I think I’m the first who found out about this, so I just love to share this with the world:The Kindle Fire indeed supports various international keyboard layouts – and even without rooting! This effectively fixes the trouble that a lot of people have with the presumably English-only keyboard layout with that stupid „Quickfix“ word recommendation scheme that currently can not be disabled due to a bug.

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Retro Texting using Graffiti Pro for Android

Regular Android texting through screen keyboard – and trying Graffiti Pro gestures for Android on a Google Nexus One. I didn’t say it was faster, but it’s a fun and retro way to enter text.

iMac + Mini-Tastatur + Magic Tackpad = ?

Um nicht lange rumzueiern: Das ist das größte, genauso scheiße bedienbare, aber absolut nicht mehr transportable Laptop der Welt.

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#1 iErgonomy – typing ergonomy on iPhone / iPad